Voice over techniques in various industries

voice over techniquesVoice over techniques are used in film to place the sound of a human voice over images shown on screen. They aren’t nessecarily related to what is happening on screen, and can also be used to create the illusion of more people being in the shot than there actually are. For example when you see two people(actors) sitting in an office environment. You can use the recorded voices of  one or several voice over artists to create the illusion that there are many people working in the office building, rather than just the ones that are shown on camera. This means you need less actors and you can save on the production time and costs. Voice over techniques aren’t only used in films productions and voice over techniques are often employed in:

  • TV series
  • Video games
  • Commercials
  • Cartoons
  • Radio

Voice over techniques in various industries

One of the biggest industries for voice over artists in which a wide variety of voice over techniques is being employed is the Radio industry. Radio commercials, comedic bits, sound effects and all sorts of vocal audio are being created by voice over artists. Without those voice overs Radio would be a dull and unexciting medium.

Narration in film is also a job for voice artists.  That or one of the actors in the film acts as the voice over techniques artist, but the principle is the same. It’s one of the voice over techniques that can be employed. Especially in tv commercials for shampoos, parfume or whatever product there is usually a voice over artist. They are the ones whom speak the lines you hear during the advertisement. Emma Dingwall is one of these voice over techniques actors that can be hired to perform any of these roles. If you are interested you are free to contact her via the contact page.


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