Hiring a voice over artist in the Netherlands

Hiring a voice over artist

Hiring a voice over artist

Hiring a voice over artist in the Netherlands: Do you want to impress your clients with a high quality production? Welcome to Emma Dingwall voice over artist, the voice over talent with experience and diversity that helps you add the right voice to your production.

Hiring a good voiceover talent is essential for a successful (radio) commercial, documentary or corporate video. Without an experienced voice over actor your text and the message you want to convey can come across as insincere and unprofessional. Tone, text interpretation, feeling, breath, timing and many other elements are basic principles that separate a good voice actor from an inexperienced one.

Lots of experience

Emma has lots of experience of doing voice over work. Her work includes tv commercials, radio commercials, voices for video games, company films, language courses and documentaries. She is the reliable voice over for online videos, instore commercials, e-learning and internal films. Emma translates texts and can also adapt scripts to ensure that a voice over fits with the client’s vision. She makes sure that each voice over interprets the message and vision that the client is looking for. Emma has the voice you can trust to deliver a voice over with the correct intonation, pronunciation and tone of voice. As a native English speaker she makes sure that company terms and abbreviations are properly pronounced. She invests a voice over with the emotion and feeling that fits the film.

If you are not exactly sure of the text you want to hear spoken in your online video, TV commercial or company film then Emma is happy to help with the script as well. Her primary talent is the voice over itself but she has a lot of experience in the industry and knows what works. Feel free to contact Emma by phone or mail. If you would rather use the contact form then you can expect a reply within one working day. She will usually reply the same day and get in touch with you about all the details.